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full name kali amita yasmin rose nicknames kal birthdate & age nov 22, 1993 & 26 hometown london, england / new york city, usa residence san francisco personality types infj, 2w3, scorpio/sagittarius cusp
kali rose was born on the 22nd of november to thomas rose and talia shemesh. thomas, a scientist and now widower, had journeyed to the holy land in the hopes of reconciling his grief with his mind. though he found no peace in the religion of his ancestors, he found talia, a young medical student and brought her home to meet his parents and his three motherless children. a year later, their only child, a daughter was born. in sanskrit, kali means "she who is death", and in those early days their new bundle lived up to her name. she was a sluggish little lump that slept all day, crying only when she was hungry or ill.

the terrible twos came quickly, but a host of nannies were on hand to assist the family in caring for their youngest addition. under their eye, kali's formative years passed, and while other children were quick to join in with inane conversation, kali decided she had no time for such trivilalities. instead, she herded her stuffed toys together, acting out self-devised plays and musicals for the entertainment of her paternal uncle, avram. a heinously rich, flamboyant character, kali's uncle would swoop in unnannounced. draped in his beautiful clothing, he would regale his niece with tales of the magical city of new york and all of the beauty that could be found there, promising kali that one day, she would discover it for herself.

as kali grew, her innocence and naivety were well protected by her paternal grandmother who, though a little erratic, had her heart in the right place. when her half-sister's accident left the family reeling, it was bubbe that suggested kali go live in new york with her uncle to give the family the space it needed to rehabilitate elina. to kali, it felt like a dismissal and an adventure all at once. unbeknownst to her, thomas and talia argued often; particularly when talia could not bring herself to discipline her step-children. in her darkest moments, kali wondered if she had been loved at all, feeling out of place in the family portrait, exploring at her sister with screams of, 'why do you have to be so difficult!?' when the two clashed. they were difficult years, but at school, she was and remained a diligent student.

though academically gifted, to her mother's chagrin, kali refused to accelerate her studies when the opportunity presented itself in middle school, wanting above all else to be "normal". in the hopes of retaliation, talia threatened to bring her back to england, but her daughter would not budge. still, she remained a star pupil and following high school, kali pursued an engineering degree at columbia, moving out of her uncle's home to live on campus.

there, she started to date. to her surprise, in her senior year, she fell in love with a young woman. when graduation dawned, career opportunities sent them in separate directions and left kali confused about her sexuality. these days, she lives in san francisco, is a well-respected specialist in her field and ready for the next phase of her life ─ unbeknownst that the ghosts of her mother's past are close to catching up to her and that "normal" was never going to be part of her destiny.

Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde possesses the ability to pass through solid matter. She was leading the normal life of an extremely gifted thirteen year old girl in Deerfield, Illinois when she began suffering intense headaches. The headaches were a result of Kitty's mutant power emerging. Professor Charles Xavier located Kitty and set to recruit her for his school, and possibly as a new member of his X-Men. The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club also learned about Kitty, and its White Queen, Emma Frost, went to invite Kitty to her Massachusetts Academy. (...)

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